Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sending our love

Last Friday we did an impromptu photo shoot for last minute Valentine's Day cards. It wouldn't be Valentine's Day if we didn't send all of our friends and family our love!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's Favorites

Anna singing the ABC's at the top of her lungs (which is her normal volume) in the car all the way to preschool.


The octopus Anna made in preschool. On the way home, she asked me if octopus have ears. I think I need to google that one.


Owen copying everything Anna does - good or bad. In the bathtub Anna was pouring water on her hair with a cup. Owen tried too. He didn't put it back far enough and poured it right in his eyes. He looked completely shocked!


Anna recently learned about Nephi. This is a great thing because she now wants to be like him. Obedient. Whenever she does sometime I ask, she runs back to me and says "Am I just like Nephi?" I love it. Sometimes she even calls herself Nephi-Girl.


I love that Owen belly laughs at my bad sound effects. I was doing a "glub glub" noise every time he would pour water out of his cup into the tub. I love that boy's laugh. I can't help but smile.


Tonight, when Trav got home from school, he opened the freeze and plopped the Sam's Club sized bag of chocolate chips on the counter.

"You've been into these! Busted!" he accuses me. (It is crazy how he knows these things!)

"No. I have to explain."

Owen was throwing a fit during lunch, so I finally just took a handful of chocolate chips and gave in. Not to me, but to him. He was happy and quiet for the rest of the meal. Sometimes that is all I need for a few minutes.

Travis: "Oh, so if I throw a fit during meals, you'll just give me chocolate chips? Cause I'll do it!"

Dream on, Trav!


Oh, how I love my family!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

too much

How do you know when your two-year-old has seen too many episodes of Dora the Explorer and Go! Diego, Go!?

#10. When she wants me to follow her somewhere, she says, "Come on, Momma! Vaminos!"

#9. She yells "Animal in trouble!" and "rescues" all the animals one by one off the floor and onto the table. (I use the term "animals" loosely. This is not just stuffed animals. It basically includes anything that is not too heavy for her to lift.)

#8. She insists that you call her Diego.

#7. She carries around her special camera, "Click", in her armpit. (Yeah. I don't know where the armpit thing came from.)

#6. Her longest sentence is, "Use our special camera, Click, [to] help find the animal in trouble." (And she can say it all pretty fast!)

#5. She counts all sorts of things at the hardware store...in Spanish.

#4. She is frequently demanding Travis and I do things in Spanish - salta, parada, vaminos, suba, etc. Most of the time, we have no idea what she is saying.

#3. She can't go up our stairs without holding someone's hand because they are too slippery. Even her Ikea train has to put on it's "sticky wheels" to go over the slippery hill. Thanks, Dora.

#2. She will pull items out of her toy baskets and ask us one thing at a time "Is this the flashlight?...No!...Is the flashlight?...No!...Is THIS the flashlight?...Yes!"

#1. And the number one reason I know Anna has seen it too much is because I know all the words to all the songs!

Friday, February 18, 2011

the date

Travis is taking me on a date tonight. I am excited, to say the least. We don't go out alone very often, and we rarely get a sitter. Ahhh. An evening where I don't have to feel like a tired mommy...where I can get out of the house without distraction...where I can feel a bit more like a young little thing on a hot date! Just me and my man! So, I took great care in getting dressed this morning, making sure my outfit was perfect (not the usual jeans and t-shirt) and that my accessories (which are neglected more and more these days) were laid out and ready. As I twisted and curled my hair into something other than a pony tail, I was looking in the mirror thinking, "Wow. Travis is going to be knocked out!" I finished the last touch of mascara, gave myself a "well, hello there" look in the mirror, and then my eyes locked on Owen. No, not on his beautiful, big blue eyes—which he has—but on his diaper. Now, I wouldn't say I am a seasoned mother, but I have had my share of blow-outs to filled the spectrum. Everything from, "oh, that onesie is still fine" to "Just put it all in the trash". This, however, surpassed them all. I even contemplated just throwing away the highchair in which he was sitting. Seriously. Owen was only wearing a diaper, and that could have been part of the problem. I won't go into more detail, but even Anna started dry-heaving and saying, "Make Anna sick!" over and over.

Now, forty-five minutes later, I am looking in the mirror again. My black dress pants are...let's just say...not clean, my hair is flat due to the small bit of perspiring that occurred during the ordeal, and my perfect makeup seems to have faded with all the futile attempts at keeping my hair out of my face. Needless to say, I don't feel the least bit hot and sexy anymore. Oh, well, I am a mom. And I am happy to know, that being is a mom is one thing that Travis loves about me. Even if I am not a knock-out—I am going out tonight with my man!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missing Something...

Over the last nine months, I feel like I have been missing something...in many different ways.

First, I am missing the opportunity to record the precious and hilarious moments I share with my family each day. Like when Anna fell out of her big girl bed, and then claimed through the streams of tears that the "wall pull my hair". Now, I have been sleeping in a big girl bed for quite a number of years now, and I have never had the wall pull my hair. Or, when Anna starts telling me "good job" after I go potty. These are the things I don't want to forget. These are the things I don't want to have missed recording.

Second, I am starting to miss other things too. Like, one day, I couldn't find my wallet. I frantically retraced my steps of the day, calling the restaurant where we had lunch, searching the car...three times...and feeling the pit in my chest grow larger and larger as I thought of canceling my credit cards, getting a new driver's license, and on and on. Travis and I started searching the house again. I felt like I should check my closet. Why? I have no idea, but I checked anyway. And, behold, there behind all of Travis's hanging shirts was my wallet. Now, this little spot behind Trav's shirts is one of Anna's favorite hiding places. That little trickster!

A few days later, Travis came home from work and put his socks on the bed. After dinner we decided to go to the store. Travis went to get his socks...and they were gone! We started looking around, and Anna piped in "I find them!". She ran over to Trav's nightstand, opened up the top drawer, and pulled out his sock from the very back of the drawer. She held them up triumphantly, and you could tell she thought she was pretty hot stuff for finding the missing socks! Trickster!

Since then, I have noticed several other things missing... the keys to the mail box, several toys, sippy cups, etc. I have no doubt in my mind that our mischievous two-year-old knows exactly where all of the missing items are located. The trick is going to be getting her to talk. :) Let's just hope that the missing sippy cups aren't filled with rotting milk, that there is nothing important in the mailbox, and that the missing toys are nobody's favorites.

So, here is hoping I find all the missing items, and remember all the fading moments!

Friday, May 28, 2010


We are so excited to announce the newest Foxley arrival! He joined us on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, weighing in at an impressive 10lb. 9oz! Our new baby boy has already captured the hearts of all his family members, including Anna, who always insists on hold, hugging, or kissing him. We are so thankful he has come to our family.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

anna's apron

Anna is at the age where she loves being in the kitchen and watching everything I do. So this year for Christmas I decided to make her an apron. I found some adorable fat quarters at Material Girls Quilts, but I couldn't find a pattern online that I loved, so I designed my own instead. My friend Paula is super talented in every way, so last week she helped me make a pattern based on my apron design. (Thank goodness for Paula! I can't even imagine how it would have turned out with my long neglected (and not that great in the first place) sewing skills. It actually looks professional thanks to her! She is amazing! :) It has four little pockets in the front to hold anna's stirring spoons and spatulas. It only took a few hours to make the pattern and sew it! I was beyond thrilled at how it turned out!

If you love it like I do, check back after the holiday craziness for the pattern and instructions.