Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's Favorites

Anna singing the ABC's at the top of her lungs (which is her normal volume) in the car all the way to preschool.


The octopus Anna made in preschool. On the way home, she asked me if octopus have ears. I think I need to google that one.


Owen copying everything Anna does - good or bad. In the bathtub Anna was pouring water on her hair with a cup. Owen tried too. He didn't put it back far enough and poured it right in his eyes. He looked completely shocked!


Anna recently learned about Nephi. This is a great thing because she now wants to be like him. Obedient. Whenever she does sometime I ask, she runs back to me and says "Am I just like Nephi?" I love it. Sometimes she even calls herself Nephi-Girl.


I love that Owen belly laughs at my bad sound effects. I was doing a "glub glub" noise every time he would pour water out of his cup into the tub. I love that boy's laugh. I can't help but smile.


Tonight, when Trav got home from school, he opened the freeze and plopped the Sam's Club sized bag of chocolate chips on the counter.

"You've been into these! Busted!" he accuses me. (It is crazy how he knows these things!)

"No. I have to explain."

Owen was throwing a fit during lunch, so I finally just took a handful of chocolate chips and gave in. Not to me, but to him. He was happy and quiet for the rest of the meal. Sometimes that is all I need for a few minutes.

Travis: "Oh, so if I throw a fit during meals, you'll just give me chocolate chips? Cause I'll do it!"

Dream on, Trav!


Oh, how I love my family!


Lori said...

Fun to hear some peeps from you on your blog! So glad you are enjoying your family! Wonderful!

Joellyn said...

Fun to see you on the blog again! Need some kiddo pics and updates! :)

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