Wednesday, December 3, 2008

nyc diva

Anna wore her new hat from NYC on our walk today, and, as you can see, she totally rocked the block! She even paused for a moment to pose for the paparazzi.

Thanks, Grammy and Pup!


travdean said...

What a funny monkey. Grammy and Pup did a good job picking out this hat.

gina bina said...

Could she be any cuter?

Doubt it.

Jenna and Jarett said...

What a hottie! It looks like she's got what it takes, and she knows how to use it! (Just like her mamma) :)

I just love reading all of your posts. You make me laugh so hard. I can't wait to see you guys again, hopefully soon.

bob said...

I was excited that our next baby is going to be a girl, until I saw this picture...

Anna rocks that hat with so much attitude no other girl stands a chance! She is the ultimate cool! How is our little girl supposed to compete with that? I'm telling you right now, our girl is going to come out with a little ribbon in her hand that says, "Second Place... Forever".

trent said...

Love it!

When you are Anna Banana -- you don't even have to work it...It just comes a la natural!

She cracks me up with her expressions. Such a good girl!